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How A Psychic Is Chosen

The Psychics available are highly experienced.

Becoming a Psychic is not an easy process. The team is highly selective and only choose the best psychics. Approximately one in eight candidates get to the interview stage and then only around one in twenty are employed. From here each candidate's work experience is checked closely and his / her spelling and grammar skills are reviewed and tested. Those who do not live up to our high standards are removed.

For recruiting staff, each prospective psychic is required to conduct one or more readings on the the existing Psychic staff. If the reading meets these high expectations, then the applicant is moved on to be interviewed. The interview process is very thorough and it can take between one to two hours to complete. Our team assess the degree of talent the psychic while judging whether they will be a good fit for customer readings. We demand a lot from our psychics, taking into account the needs of our customers. At the end of the day we want to give you the best experience possible so we make sure all the Psychics have the correct skills to create positive and long lasting relationship with you.

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